Monday, January 08, 2007

Get Together

whew! i went home today at 7 in the morning and went back to sleep until 11am. the reunion with my friends went through and it lasted until 1am. i felt like im on a time warp when i woke up. here are the photos from yesterday.

today i wish to rest after running some errands. i also had a mistake impulse buying the tea tree oil concealer at the Body Shop. it's too light for my color and it costed me 450 pesos! good thing i didnt ask azrael for it. he treated me last week with a smashbox lipstick and i really love it : ) it's my first expensive lipstick ahahahaha.

i also learned that i have an avid reader in Australia. His name is Vincent and hello there! : ) keep on visiting my blog, i hope you will have your own blog soon also. i really like your PSP, iwish you can give it to me ^____^