Friday, February 16, 2007

first entry from new work, birthday tomorrow

hello! this is my first ever entry in my new work and i thank God that it's friday already!!! from waking up at 5am, i can finally sleep again until 11 in the morning on saturday. i can't blog from the blogger site so im using email to blog. no one really blogs here or surfs the internet. you can check out for some photos we took while on my way to Globe yesterday. it was early so we had a photoshoot along edsa with the huge billboards of movies.

i especially loved music and lyrics which we saw in glorietta last monday. i'm still anxious what its really like here because i just finished my first week. im lucky that drew - my friend from pinoyanime works in the same building! if not, i'll be taking my lunch alone and i'l forget to how to talk.
i miss my MCO even more especially on my first day here. i remember how ate maryann, our secretary will take care of my employment papers, making sure i wasnt overloaded, and the chismis and laught trips with everyone there. i also miss my boss Kato who i travelled with and has seen my impatience and all ahahaha. then Chong texted me last night asking how Globe was and i felt really good after exchanging texts with the diva, i have to vent of course! : ) it was his last day at work yesterday and im really happy for him, i hope you enjoy your vacation!!!
that's it for now, i hope i can blog tomorrow. happy birthday to me!!! : )


Jac said...

congrats with your new work! :D

Jenn said...

Hi Lace! It was nice meeting you! By any chance, did you apply for PEx marketing?

azrael said...

happy bday honey LACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

suzaku_lace said...

hi jac, thanks! : )

to JENN:

ei you too! the strawberries were yummy ^^ yup i did apply for marketing but haven't heard from them. : )