Friday, February 09, 2007

If Fashion Magazines are edible...

I would eat them!:D I just bought Mega's February issue and i liked what i read inside. All about the latest trends in and out of the country and not the usual fads. Too bad that Preview has no February issue. I am tempted to buy Vogue every month but it costs around Php550 and it's mostly made up of advertisements. maybe next time when i have money to throw away. If you want to save, you can check out and Vogue's website for some free articles and fashion news and photos fresh from the runway.

Consequentially, i am now itching to find the cheaper alternative to the ensembles i saw on those glossies. Greenhills is far from home but i hope i can go there this weekend : )

And speaking of edible... did you know that i just swallowed a spoonful of tabasco sauce for 1,000 pesos? computer addict gave me a dare last wednesday and 1,000 pesos sounds good to me. i was scared after i gulped it down! it was really hot and i feel that my stomach was burning and my eyes were zooming in like a camera lens. but after awhile, it was gone and i am back to normal, 1,000 pesos richer.

and if there are decent glam fashion magazines there are nasty, cheap, and trashy MEN magazines. AND i just saw one after my dinner because computer addict showed me. it's not FHM or Maxim because at least they have sensible articles and news and they have a software called PHOTOSHOP. this one, if it was edible i'd feed it to the rats.

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