Thursday, February 08, 2007

I can't wait

I am now listening to Bitch Goddess' podcast and it's starting to uplift my spirit. there are a lot of things that i can't wait for. Like one, my new job on Monday and second, I can't wait any longer for my boyfriend to get off the computer and I give up. Perhaps I should learn to play alone (not meant to sound dirty). I resigned from my previous job because i was tired and wanted to spend a LOT of time at home with my family including computer addict. However, i think i should look the other way.

My inner-self is now shouting "I need a playmate!". Or i should just keep myself busy hence, new job. I wish i meet a lot of new people and i wish that i'll be thrown thousands of paperwork or all the work there is. then, i dont have time to think about whoever. "There's no one you can count on but yourself" says Vanessa Williams in Ugly Betty. I think i should swallow that.

Anyway, i got Sex and the City DVDs and also Ugly Betty : ) I watched all that as I was hoping someone would KEEP A PROMISE. I wish there is a training school where we can be taught on how to live with yourself or how to get married to your job and how to treat men like they treat women.

Valentine's Day is SOON, so before it becomes something that I'd be frustrated about... I'm going to reserve a spot in a spa somewhere and confess my love to myself hahaha : ) then MY BIRTHDAY is also SOON. I wish i'd be happier by then! make me!


Arthur/Nurikane said...

Happy Birthday in advance Lace! I'm glad to see you guys again last night.

azrael said...

hey thanks!!! nice bumping into you also : )