Monday, February 05, 2007

Pretty Woman and new job *grin*

Everyday I sleep at 2am so last night i got lucky to have something to watch on TV. Pretty Woman was being shown in one of the local channels. I used to watch this with my sister Joni, but i wasn't that old yet and didn't pay much attention but i did get the story.

Last night, i savored each line, cheesy but dreamy. you know, this stuff happens only in movies and sometimes, it feels nice to submerge yourself in this fantasy where Julia Roberts is a hooker and Richard Gere billionaire saves her and turns her life around. ahhhhh... happy valentines! i was eating ice cream while it was being shown and i love the experience. me and myself only, dreaming and hoping i can be Vivienne in that movie ahahaha. Pretty Woman is such an unbelievably romantic flick but after the movie you feel bad because it's not real.

I am in PMS hell last night too and slept at 4.30 in the morning. But yin yang again, i finally got a call today and yey! i have a new job ^____^ i almost fainted when i answered my cellphone while i was watching Ugly Betty. now i am excited, nervous, and scared --->

so there, i hope everyone gets a good night and enjoy the rest of today ^.^ i'm now downloading MORE ugly betty episodes and have a marathon with icecream again.