Saturday, February 03, 2007

Visit to MCO and Ugly Betty

I missed my MCO friends and all of them were present yesterday except for Ate Mean. I was to get my last salary after a very long process of clearance and accounting stuff. So i was there, and i had fun while waiting for azrael. i miss the place so much, the aircon, the internet, my cubiclemate Chong and hollywood gossip. I'm quite happy to see them not so harassed and stressed with work.

That same day, sir chong revealed to me Ugly Betty! and at first i was thinking Betty La Fea sitcom style series but behold, when i saw the first scenes The Devil Wears Prada came to my mind. Ugly Betty who won in the Golden Globes want to work in a magazine just like me! oh well. then she said "Magazine is my passion"... i was all smiles on my seat as all of us peeked at the monitor. Now i am trying to get the other episodes and i hope i do! with my crappy broadband.

<--- EYEBAGS says SAD SAD SAD and wants older sister back in the country

then azrael popped up and off we went to his meeting. before that he treated me to Bacolod Chicken and i remembered my trip to Bacolod with sir chong... it was not so fun but now, i miss it and think it was a great experience after all.

Since it's the start of February, new magazines are out! so i got myself the new Cosmopolitan with Paris Hilton on the cover and Marie Claire. i read these magazines while azrael was having his meeting. Today he is out and i decided to stay home after the taxi ride yesterday along edsa. it was terrible!

that's it for now. i miss everybody and i am getting lonelier each day. they say its because im just bored and have no work. so now i am trying to find a nice new job but im still enjoying waking up late : )