Sunday, March 04, 2007


i thought i wouldn't be able to go on ice yesterday. i left home at around 4pm already after finishing some work. it was so fun because i can now survive without holding on the walls :) i can go fast if i hold azrael's hand and i can go around on my own already! weee! here's a video of me and my terrible but improving skills.

after sliding, i bought another timezone card and got to shoot some zombies too. it was raining last night too and my stomach was churning again so we had hot chocolate before leaving.


Joni Llanora-Ibarra said...

wow galing! dream ko yan dati kaya lang kakahiya pag bumabagsak eh. im so proud of you sis!

azrael said...

thank you!

dream natin yan ahahaha grabe kawawa naman tayo. remember the time when we saved for a pair of rollerblades na until now wala pa din? ^^

try mo din sa AU baka merong rink jan. di pa ko bumabagsak hahaha

azrael said...

^ that's me pala - LACE using azrael's account

azrael said...

bumagsak ka na kayta
kaso nakahawak ka sa shirt ko lagi hahaha