Saturday, March 03, 2007

It was Friday! :)

I congratulate myself for being a hardworker the wholeweek and i survived! i brought some of my work home and im trying to finish them now, just so i don't drown and to keep my head above the water too. i feel like im in some marathon when im at work and i don't want to get eliminated just like in Starstruck or Pinoy Big Brother hahaha. Yesterday was friday of course! and the best thing that happened to me was Alvin Patrimonio:

im so melting during this moment. he was my crush when i was not even going to school yet. that's why our old rag doll is named Alvin. This was a dream come true to me and michelle hahaha. My tiredness was swept away by his smile and definitely his hand on my shoulder! ahahaha this was in Shangrila after work. I look harassed though but who cares right?

There, im going to finish some tasks and i'll go skating later and i wish i won't fall on my butt today. Im stressing myself though on getting a facial treatment but im short of time and if i get one tomorrow, i can't come to the office all red >.<


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Jac said...

harassed ka pa sa lagay na yan?? sus ganda nga ng rampa mo with alvin e haha!

suzaku_lace said...

hi jac!!!

ahaha thank you ha! that made me feel better 1 thousand times. cute ni alvin noh?