Saturday, March 10, 2007

the week that was

After work night outs are keeping me alive and healthy! :) by night outs i don't mean drinking and getting wasted but simply getting dinner, having a nice chat with some friends, or iceskating on a weekday where there are almost no people in the rink. Mall of Asia has suddenly become a blessing to me because that's the place where i can still unwind at 9pm and get a shuttle to ride conveniently back home.

It was my sister's birthday last march 7 and i miss her terribly, it's like half of my stomach and brain was gone, good thing i don't even have time to daydream about her at work and last wednesday, i spent some time with the Transformers fanboys after work. I was giddy the whole time because i had an office boo-boo but laughing with them made me feel better and having my boyfriend beside me made me feel secure. here are the boys and me eating cheap noodles at megastrip.

Transformers Video Blog c/o Azrael's Merryland

How can you not feel like you're in another world with this kind of conversation right?

Then last Tuesday, azrael, me, and misyel got cheap chinese dinner at Megamall's Food Court. we earned a lot of iceskating coupons! :)

Then Thursday i ran quickly to the MRT so i can still iceskate in Mall of Asia with Azrael : ) we ate at Sbarro's after and got home at 11pm. This video stars me, ice skating in business attire, it looks really stupid so don't tell me i didn't warn you : ) im getting better! at least i dont have to hold on the walls anymore.

I still managed to peek at my mom's bedroom to say hello : ) she's sad beause i am not able to eat her dinner according to az, so yesterday (Friday) i went home straight from work and ate her Beef Steak and Fresh Garden Salad.

I wish i can still save with this kind of lifestyle! i haven't taken hold of my first salary from Globe yet so I'll just do my accounting when I get my first salary : )


Jac said...

waw ice skating! :D

suzaku_lace said...

yup! ang saya! :)