Sunday, March 11, 2007

My saturday and Transformers Philippines

80% of my Saturday went to azrael's meetings! i was so gloomy and all because i had to wait and i can feel time slipping away. i waited for the weekend patiently and yesterday, i can't help but feel sad that my day was being eaten by some robotic event and some meetings. we planned to be at Mall of Asia by 4pm and oh well... some people have all the time in the world to waste .. but i don't!

There was this launching that he had to go to and meet some people there. the place was so small and i followed there with my french fries in tow. someone tipped off my bottled water and the guy who got wet because of that was complaining and i could hear him.

Then we went to meet Mark and the transformers boys to pick up some comics and it was already 8pm when i arrived in mall of asia! poor poor me! i swear next saturday i won't waste a single minute of my saturday. it was already 9pm when i arrived at the skating rink and we were not able to watch 300 anymore.

Today i had to finish some of my take home work and we're just going to catch the last full show of the 300 movie later. i'm going to borrow azrael's rollerblades now and roll outside : ) tomorrow, it's back to work. i wish i get my salary this week!


azrael said...

Lace Llanora!!
and roll out !!

Jac said...

ayun, she transformed and skated out ;)