Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Graduation Azrael!!!!

Here are our photos yesterday special attention given to my new fur wrap (it's fake, animal-friendly :)

We all look tired because it was so hot going to PICC and then there were no ushers so everyone was confused. then when we arrived, companions and graduating studes had to wait for an hour outside under the sun, including us!

Azrael looks like he came from the graduation from hell. It's around 8pm and we still have to wage war outside and get a cab.

Me and michelle are the cheering squad for Azrael. It was so tiresome that we ate a lot during dinner in Burgoo. they gave us free appetizers because Az just graduated : ) now i am working from home because i have stomach trouble... i'm still full from last night's dinner!

congratumalations honey! : )