Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ice Skating Friday!

This week was a lot of fun, i got to hang out a lot with my friends from the office and also skate after work :) The whole week was a breeze and guess what, my end date at work was moved to an earlier date! weeeee : ) Although im sad that i now have limited time already to be with Kaye, Marlon, Louwie, Jefte, Jojo, and Jayson. but there is still our very own outing that i look forward to. I won't be able to join Drew during lunch anymore also but he is also moving on from Globe and study in Taiwan. Good luck drew!

Azrael was consistent in fetching me because of the dangers of commuting but we always had dinner in Mall of Asia and skate afterwards. Friday was no exemption! we trooped to the food court to eat cheap but plenty chinese food at Tang City.

In the rink, it was lots of fun with snow foam and all. I was about to buy my first and very own skates but when i put them on, they were too tight. they say its normal but i want to be extra sure because they aren't cheap! so if anyone can help me, please tell me how tight should it be before breaking them in. are they really uncomfortable? my toes feel like being pressed together ahahaha :) the lady told me im size 7, tried 7 it was too tight... then 8 - just tight but not comfortable ^^


adjutant08 said...

im no skating guru or something but i know something about skating accdg. to my boss dont buy skating shoes w/c is too big for u for this would surely kill ur feet, its better to buy shoes w/c smaller (but not to small) as long as there would be less movement between ur foot and the shoes that would be fine by the way im from san francisco

suzaku_lace said...

hi! thanks for your advise, yes i will definitely get the size 8 since there will be less movement between my foot and the shoe.

thanks very much for the advise! :)