Sunday, April 08, 2007

It's almost over - vacation that is!

I'm palpitating everytime i think about TUESDAY! it's only a day away and on the first day of work i have this deadline to beat huhuhu. i have lots of deadline for the whole week, i think one for each day that i have to cram for because of the long break ^^; I'm already prepared for battle (mentally) and i don't want any booboos this week! On the bright side, i got to turn my resignation in so i will be working till May only : )

I enjoyed the holy week break. I got to do my share of pondering about things and also got to stay up till the wee hours of the morning! we sleep at 3am to 4am since thursday and i love it! i miss nights and early mornings like this when we don't have to be sooo conscious about time and just enjoy our time surfing and downloading. i get to join computer addict because we have two pcs now ^^ and we get to have coffee breaks in between just as if we were working on something ahahaha.

tonight will be the last night that i can stay up till morning because on monday we have to sleep early and wake up early too. ^^