Thursday, April 05, 2007

Holy Week Special! : )

For some reason, I lost my appetite for dinner and stayed in my room from 6.30pm till 9pm. It's just awhile ago that i had the chance to eat supper. While i was in my room sulking, I watched All my Life ahahaha, it's a movie of Aga Mulach and Kristine Hermosa. I wanted to cry too so instead of crying over whatever, I just cried for Aga Mulach because he died in that movie... huhuhuhu :(

Then after learning from that movie to not wish I was just dead right here right now ( i always tell that to myself when work drives me insane and when i have problems with my "people" read: boyfriends, parents, friends) because life is full of surprises, and aga mulach may just come knocking on your door. I then changed channels and watched a holy week segment in ch. 9 which was made by The Lord's Flock.

According to them, the lord wants us to be free so we have to forget our past and stop setting too high standards for ourselves. Then also, forgive. After all of that, we can walk freely to whatever is ahead of us easily because we don't have baggages anymore. I might sound too corny because im writing this on a holy week but this was the only time also that i got to watch a special like that. heehee :)

I was so fascinated to the woman who said that she loved her boyfriend/husband more than God because she made him the center of her life. i have a friend like that and her name is Lace. ahahaha. and now i realize that it's ridiculous. I publicly repent for stopping going to church and stopping saying my prayers every night because i am too focused on my love life. and as a paulinian, i accept this as a start of my conversion, seriously. ^^

So there, i hope someone will also post some reflections for holy week. Like what father Cuying said on the Blog Awards, let's make our blogs God's instruments ^^

I am not a saint, but if you find me hypocrite then throw me a stone. ayt? :)