Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pirates of the Carribean 3

Oblivious to the story, i still went and watched the 3rd installment of Pirates in Greenbelt. I was not able to watch part 1 and 2 since im not into pirates since they look dirty - dirty face, salt water smell, crispy strands of hair. But again, i enjoyed watching it! I love the effects since everything seems real and Calypso - one of the goddesses in greek mythology was there, i remember highschool days when we were suppose to memorize each and every god.

Orlando Bloom was hotter than the sun especially at the end. Don't get up after the movie, since after the ending you'll find a closing scene that's very lovely. heehee :) I can't figure out the connection of the first part to the whole movie. actually, i didnt get everything until the last 45 minutes ahahaha

Then we ate at Max's, we were with the Glasshouse Graphics artists and other employees. Azrael is their webmaster so we got to tag along. I enjoyed a lot, i was a very good girl, patient and still because im so excited to ride my new bike at home.