Monday, May 07, 2007


Yey! it was so much fun last saturday and sunday. From the bus trip with annoying noisy passengers to swimming until 2AM. The place is great, there are no other persons except for us, clean water, private everything, and cool friends : ) missed them so much and we hope to see each other once more soon. i want to go back there and take the pool again by myself.

traffic was terrible add to that banshee like passengers who seem to have just gotten out of their cages! also, i exchanged places with jayson because the man sitting beside me is showing symptoms of motion sickness. ahahaha but it was all worth it! i kept asking jayson (seen at the right area of this photo) if we are already there. i was very excited to swim!!!

our group photo less mark and fredie and bridge because they were eating heehee. me, az, marlon, grace, jayson, jojo

finally! the pool and i met. i wish i can go swimming again! : )