Saturday, May 05, 2007

Take me Away ~

Im so excited today because im going to see my friends and today is our outing!!! ^^ weee ~ the place isn't grand i think its a private resort somewhere in Laguna but we will have the pool by ourselves (no nasty demonic kids) weee!!! and the rooms are airconditioned so thats a big thumbs up.

i also managed to reduce my size so i can wear my decent looking speedo suit that's been with me since highschool hahahahaha : )

I've been going here and there but inside of me is the black spiderman - joke : P i mean im itching to go to other places but no one would come with me. i'm planning lots of roadtrips and backpacking but it's just there - hanging. it's so sad! i wanna go go go. someone take me away. i can just even stay in a nice hotel that has a swimmiing pool and delicious room service. i love room service! i miss it a lot.

God! i wanna go anywhere. i sound drugged but i really need an adventure.