Friday, June 01, 2007

200 Pounds of Beauty

I was late in watching this korean movie. My friend told me about this and i saw it being shown online so I watched and now I'm a fan of this film!

200 pounds of beauty is film about an overweight lady that has a great singing voice. her work is to fill in the voices of a pop star and she is not contended because her weight stops her from living a life of freedom to happiness and love. naks! she is in love with the pop star' manager, one day she decides to disappear and get a total plastic surgery makeover making her a beautiful girl (love the soundtrack also - beautiful girl). i believe the film is available in youtube also.

I love the actress- Kim Ah Joong, now i am looking for more of her movies. Don't forget to get the soundtrack also :)


waltzang said...

e diba ito yung plot ng bakekang? this did not happen to bakekang herself, but her ugly daughter had to be the ghost singer for the daughter of sheryl cruz.