Friday, June 22, 2007

Eating Hot Noodles

The only person keeping me a bit sane left the house for a meeting and I am here alone in front of the PC eating hot noodles. I just finished cleaning up my room after my mom nagged me into it, i thought of tagging along to the meeting but i got so tired already. Whenever i leave the house, there's a silent protest from my aunt and my mom but when i am here, they still sulk in their own corners. When i approach them and start a conversation, it will only lead to one subject - cleaning up my room or their qualms about me not helping with the chores or any other subject that they can nag me about. Honestly, im getting tired with them already, i don't know what they want. If they want quality time or us getting to know each other better - then they should stop being too serious or sensitive.

thanks to my wei wei hot noodles (sprinkled with hot sauce) for making me happy.