Wednesday, June 20, 2007

my tooth and other nuisance

<-- inside that smile is a problematic tooth, thanks to victor for the photo.

i was eating my favorite paksiw with pineapple bits when my pasta filling gave up and now i can't eat because the tooth just underwent root canal and is scheduled for capping and my gums need to be cut (as in!) im so scared that i put off the appointments until now, i have no choice but to go. i texted the clinic but it seems they are fully booked tomorrow that even if i waited there from morning, they are not sure if i'll be accommodated. it looks like i have to eat soup until friday to avoid getting food inside ~

then, there's transformers and i wish all these robots just disappear. toycon has just ended and all i hear from my bedmate is transformers, autobots, decepticons, and his event on June 29. just before i articulated my date plan to go to little tokyo within the week and eat authentic japanese food in a japanese setting, meetings regarding these pesky robots came into play. add to that, individuals popping out of nowhere from the past. im bad and i want to keep my world and circle simple. few but true friends, the others just acquaintance, the others amount to nothing.

and more, i feel like im talking to a plant whenever i talk with this person. i thought we had an understanding one night but the concept, i think, has evaporated again into thin air. then someone told me nothing is happening with my life - well, i refuse to be identified with what i do for a living but instead, with what i am doing with precious time and right now, i am doing everything i love and nothing i detest. success really gets into the head, i wish your head won't explode :) i was even planning to do a podcast about reprimanding people in front of many, treating your friends like garbage, handling pressure, and such. maybe next time :) always remember where you came from. next tip: i am almost a divine entity when it comes to finding out simple truths and lies, resistance is futile.