Friday, June 15, 2007

My new superhigh shoes and more

I had nothing to do better than go shop again for some finds. At St. Francis, i didn't find anything new at my favorite stall. The shoes are all flats and i think are in time for the school season. I was hoping to get new sandals that are a bit elevated, so I can wear something different aside from my flats and rubber shoes. Did not find any at the cheaper venue so I tried the mall and voila! found this:

it's jet black with very solid wedges and it's smaller at the base. I can't afford LV shoes yet, those that are similar to this but have holes in the middle of the wedge. Tried walking with my new shoes right after buying it. I must say it's a bit tricky to go up and down stairs, and its a bit painful but it looks gorgeous. maybe i'll just bring spare flats when i walk in them :)

this photo is cold as ice

I met with michelle, mark, and azrael after and we ate at Teriyaki Boy. There's not much that i can talk about so me and michelle had fun taking pictures of ourselves with our mobile phones ^^