Monday, June 18, 2007

Everybody is posting about Toycon!

and so shall i! it was a stressful and pressuring two days for me and i am glad it's all over and azrael and i can return to our normal lives. congratulations to vic, cholo, az, albert, lu, and doc for a successful 6th!

all i can say is it's hard to be the woman behind the man who was tearing his brains out and shouting and whatever just to keep the program and everything on time. but my friends came like drew, know_nothing, shao, and balistik intsik, when i had enough of everything we went for coffee to catch up.

drew was there per my request since day 1 even though he had lots of overtime work in the office. that's what friends are for! and we took turns posing around the venue, finally someone to hold the camera for me. Although i used my old kodak, the photos seem to be fine : ) i hardly had the time to roam around and pose since i had to stay in the soundbooth and play az whenever he hits a highblood and leaves his post.

shao, B.I, and me

i also got to play assistant for a magician for the first time in my life but i think i was "malas" since the magician was not able to pull the trick.

toycon was fun! congrats to the cosplayers, the bands, and the marshals too!