Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Wife is a HighSchool Student

I am currently watching this anime series online :D The title is weird but it's about a marriage between a student and a physics teacher. i love age gaps! she is 17 and he is 25, that's 8 years just like me and az! so if he was ever a teacher, i could be his student and we will be having an affair ahahaha. i think their marriage was fixed or something. it's been a year or so since i watched anime. i don't know what year this was released but ive observed that those shown on TV nowadays are a bit weird :p then watchers imitate them and it's a bit annoying.

I also was searching for the opening of Wedding Peach in tagalog! right now, i am very bored. azrael is out on meetings and i was left here sleeping. i think everyone here is bored too hahaha but i also feel a bit guilty when i go out and leave my family behind. i wish my sister liza would come home soon from school! ^^ im starting to get irritated and annoyed already.