Wednesday, June 13, 2007

SPACE and getting lost on the bus

I think so too, that it's the best time for SPACE. Actually, i know what comes after it and i am not surprised. as long as im not answerable to anyone, ive no problem with it. im building my own again, i went shopping today and bought cute night lamps :) also, some magazines to read. it's also great to be with my friends this past few and i hope we'll get together again.

i can't stop thinking of my friends back when i was thin and frail. i don't know why. these are the friends who just play with me because they like my toys or because i have Pringles and lots of snacks. it's not connected in anyway, i just can't get them off my mind and also the times when i let people step on me. maybe i really need space and figure everything out.

i rode the bus to Manila alone awhile back. i got off at a bus stop and waited for a bus going to Lawton. i boarded a familiar one and then it did not go my way. i tried to peek and it was a bus going to cubao all along! so i alighted the ride at the lrt station. at the station, i couldnt get the card in, then a staff approached me and flipped the card over. i am still not used to all of these at 22! i am so embarrassed but i just said thank you. finally i was at taft and walked a long way to my destination under the heat of the sun - alone. but at least i didnt have to worry about being late, i left the house 2 hours earlier.