Sunday, June 10, 2007

This is Anya now

This is anyanka now! she is so big already and i miss her more each day. she's smart and has grown very articulate already both in Filipino and English, very good! Now, they are still in Australia with the kangaroos. yesterday i saw a vtech game (like a family computer) being played by kids. in the game, dora the explorer and boots were jumping and answering different questions. i remembered anya and if she was only here i will buy the game for her and we will play with it :) i wish they come home already before anya grows up even more and refuse to play kid's games.

I also met with my friend Mariel, she looks great with short hair! i really missed her and also my other girlfriends. After enjoying cold shakes at Sugar House, we split after an hour then i met azrael and michelle and we trooped to galleria. We then ran to mall of asia before it closes for the day ^^ my best food treat was the spaghetti of Mexicali. It's very delicious and cheap! ^^