Thursday, July 05, 2007

Transformers Cap Day

I finally finished sewing my Transformers Autobot Cap. Thanks to my friend for giving me a TF patch :) Today i had a brief stint at Makati and I hope all goes well along with many others ahahaha ^^ I am enjoying very much but today I am kind of tired, I slept right away after coming home. The rain was nice and i couldn't resist rolling around on my bed and finally, falling asleep.

I dropped by Powerbooks in Greenbelt also to save money and read my favorite magazines there instead (bad!) ahhahaha I am planning to read more tomorrow. Azrael enjoyed reading the new issue of FHM also.

The Transformers shirts are running out fast so please do drop us a text message if you want one and also
your size :) 09178192913.

Here is Azrael with his lovey-dovey Optimus Prime.

And here is Azrael with his daughter. i love KFC!!!


Liza said...

kakaiba talaga ang porma mo noh?? :)
actually kung meron lang most unique ehh....:) yun yung sasabihin ko..:)) nyahahha
cute naman..:)

suzaku_lace said...

thanks liza!!!