Saturday, July 07, 2007

Trinoma Adventures

It was my first time in Trinoma, and together with my tagmate Misyel (kakampi against Az) and Azrael (kalaban) we toured the new mall armed with a digicam. Trinoma was something new for me, it is similar to greenbelt, glorietta, and ATC but it has huge amounts of green plants and vegetation and i appreciate that! it's a nice contrast against consumerism :)

The garden was smoke free for now, before the smokers would plague it at night with their san mig lights. hay~ al fresco dining is always ruined by smoke. But i hope it will turn out the other way and we could sometimes enjoy eating with the plants and our dear green friends.

the shops were also nice and for me, it was a breeze walking on the wide hallways. misyel and i particularly enjoyed checking out the Sanrio shop. i wished i was in elementary again so I can buy and use the nice lunchboxes with matching spoon and fork, mat, and water jug.

and we had lots of picture taking time! it was a bit embarrassing but this is a new mall after all that deserves a photo op.

what a coincidence! i was wearing my Bart t-shirt. This is my real family before adoption.

you can easily go to Trinoma via MRT. but az and i got wet because of the rain as we tried waiting for a bus in 1 of the terminals at edsa taft afetr alighting the train.


Liza said...

coincidence..?? it is planned.. if I know..:) jowk..:)

ang cute ng picture... d mo ko sinama..:(

suzaku_lace said...

ha? di ka naman sumasama eh :p next time alis tayo si az nalang sa house. watch tayo harry potter.