Saturday, August 18, 2007

Question to the Universe

Why is it that when you help not-so lucky people, or try to level yourself to them, befriend them, and be comfortable with them, THEY take advantage?

I am not talking of any person in particular. We were stranded yesterday and a couple decided to stop, and let the commuters, including us, ride their van. The woman said, please decide on our behalf on how much fare you should pay because we really don't know. Halfway during the ride, I was the only person who was eager to pay, I gave the lady a hundred pesos for azrael and me. She was trying to be kind and give me change, but i said it was okay. However, the other passengers still answered in chorus that the fare to our destination was only 25 PESOS! one man even said that it was just 13 pesos or 15 if it was airconditioned bus. My point is, these people are still trying to be cheap and take advantage of the kindness of this couple. From what i know, van rides costs 35 to 45 pesos. But i sensed that they might all kill me if i do the right thing and pay the right amount plus some, for their kindness and for their willingness to drive to a flooded area.

My day revolved around this question, even before the ride incident. That was just the proper example to publish. I am a very humble person and no matter how you look like, what you are, how poor or rich you are, if you are sick or not, I am still the same. And I always step down one level and just for them to feel comfortable. However, most of the time, they change. They will take advantage of me and me, who never played jokes or pranks with them, or made them feel bad. Some of them will suddenly have big heads and start to become jerks and treat me like i want to be actually WITH them, like they are superstars. This experience is really weird. happened to me lots of times with not-so handsome guys, the not-so rich, and the not-so smart, but this one woke me up.

Excuse me for my kindness, and letting these people to play jokes or tease me, just to make them feel better and not inferior. Maybe i owe myself not revenge, but change in my way of dealing with them. Maybe, its not advisable to be too giving and be too good all the time. :)

Happy Weekend! : ) this is just a question, not a rant. still keeping up my promise to self to try and be positive.


Diana said...

Wow, I so agree with your observation. It's good to be kind, but when you are kind to some losers, their tendency is to pull you down along with their misery. They won't allow you to be happy, because since they think they are losers, any person who would come their way are also losers. That is why, when you try to mingle with them and you suddenly get praises because of your talent or something, they will feel bad about it, because in their minds, you can't be greater than them. for them, they will always see you as somebody who should be like them. Be careful with these kind of people. I am so fed up with those.... it's right to be kind towards them, just don't be too familliar lest they pull you down.
sorry to be so bold as to make a comment, i just can't help but agree with you.... anyway, be careful with the people you are dealing with. But don't give up being a kind person.

suzaku_lace said...

hey thanks diana! :) i finally understand why, after reading your insights.