Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday's Tempura Addiction

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Today was an extra exhausting Saturday, i woke up early so we can spend the day with my mom, and Nanay - my mom's friend who took care of me when i was "this" small :) I always look forward for Nanay to come back from Cebu because I get to shop and eat around with her and my mom (who's extra nice when she's with Nanay and won't bulge when I ask her to buy me something).

And as for that, I got a new Wii game! Driving to Trinoma was worth it because i saw Mario Party 8. Tempura and I also met once more, with its friends namely tofu cheesemelt, squid rings with wasabe mayo sauce, kani salad, and california maki!!!! :) It was a japanese food feast and I was very delighted to devour everything. I guess everybody (nanay, mama, tito dodon, and me) were experiencing the same addiction. We all had tempura bentos as our orders. Azrael had his fave katsudon while michael decided to get pizza from another resto.

It was also my first time at SM North The Block. I find it very similar to Mall of Asia when it comes to interiors and the ambiance. We were greeted by BreadTalk and I got the chance to buy the coffee cheesecake with my mom's money. How wonderful it is to shop with your mother!!! freebies freebies freebies.


Vincent said...

Buti pa dyan sa atin madami mag serve ng Tempura. Dito ang tempura eh dalawang piraso lang ng hipon tapos yung iba puro carrots, kamote saka talong na lang. Nakakainis kasi pag gusto mo kumain ng ganun pag lunch eh mabibitin ka sa hipon.

suzaku_lace said...

haha, okay lang un i saw that u can cook lots of tempura down there for yourself. that's more delicious than what u can buy outside ^^