Saturday, September 22, 2007

I Know who Killed Me

Be careful of psychopaths!

Starring Lindsay Lohan, i just had to watch this movie at the cinema. Been waiting for it to be shown here in Manila and last week, i felt like i won the lottery when I saw I Know who Killed Me posted in Now Showing. There were no ads so I was really surprised.

We didn't know what to expect from the movie, aside from Lindsay's pole dancing which I was also excited about. I reminded my boyfriend "this is not Mean Girls or Freaky Friday, this is a suspense movie".

"my second dream job"

But even from knowing that, i found myself too petrified and shocked when the movie started. Firmly holding my arm rest, i forced my eyes to watch some of the gory and violent scenes which i understand are essential to the plot.

Moving forward with the movie, I caught myself puzzled and subconsciously guessing on what really is going to happen. The movie gave me an enjoyable ride and the creeps! What if i accidentally go with a psychopath dude and he cuts me into pieces. Ouch!