Wednesday, September 26, 2007

To Azrael and Liza

This is the button my little sister Liza made for my blog:

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If you would like to link me up, please use my sister's creation :) Thank you Liza! you're the best haha i miss you and i'm looking forward to go shopping with you soon. I'm just enjoying work so much and i value sleeping for 8 hours that we rarely see each other even if our bedrooms are near.

Then to azrael, happy 2 years and 9 months celebration : p thanks for your blog post, it was a surprise indeed. i rarely see my face there in merryland amidst the comics frenzy. Thanks for the chinese dinner too! i am a good girl, repeat to self: be a good girl.

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i am still waiting for mr. cinnamoroll : ) repeat to self again: be a good girl. hahaha :p