Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mr. Big likes Bio Flu

Drizzles cause flu. Now I have a reason why I should remember that. Just like you, i thought that was a silly old myth, how can a flu originate from innocent rain drops? Especially those that only fall after a minute has passed?

I still don't know why, but I got a flu because i was too lazy to open up my umbrella and rain drops kept falling slowly and one by one on my head. The other day, by the time i was sitting comfortably on the bus sipping coke and with my value meal on my lap, my nose started feeling weird. I felt like how a PC would when a trojan virus creeps into the system. Slowly but surely affecting every part of me. When i reached home i was groggy and knocked out on my bed.

If not for Bioflu (this is sounding like an ad) i wouldn't make it to work today and yesterday. It just has that sleepy effect after taking it which is good, it doubles as sleeping pills : ) Come to think of it, i actually had a good dream last night involving my very own Mr. Big if only i was Carrie Bradshaw and if Ortigas was New York.

Now that's funny.