Thursday, September 13, 2007

Paper Alligators

I'm home eating hot chinese instant noodles with plastic carrots. i have to take them out one by one.

After alighting the MRT today, it was raining that time, i remembered how me and my older sister Joni collect the rain on a basin. The basin is for the paper alligators to swim at. I marveled on the paper alligators, i think my sister even colored one green which was cut out from an elementary text book. Before long, my sister with the help of my aunt yeyey, would add paper girls with drawn smiling faces onto the basin. The alligator swam peacefully with the paper girls. We would stay in the laundry area until the paper toys dissolve and sink onto the bottom.

I really miss Guadalupe and my sister. Life was simple but a little thrifty way back. I never forget my memories of Guadalupe because they are the most memorable ones. Another memory i'd like to immortalize with this blog is how i waited for my sister daily, with an old music record of swings and other dances on my hand. When her coaster arrives we will invent our own dance steps, we loved to dance and she even hurt herself once :)

Also, i remember how both of us will wait for the school bus and how we get giddy because the bus might pass us by. Everyday we will eat breakfast with the tv set in front of the small table, we watch Batibot and Sesame Street while yeyey does her chores.

The choices then were few, everyday is simple and seems to be similar to the day before. Now we have many choices, some even crossed continents, and I am too baffled with choices. Even so, I am glad that I have a happy childhood and I still remember : )