Friday, October 12, 2007

Condo Dreaming

I never lusted for my own condominium unit until this week, when the traffic in Bacoor Cavite worsened like cancer. Now i can't stop dreaming with eyes wide opened. Imagine, i would just wake up at 6:00am and i can leave at 7:00am and I am at work already. No traffic and most of all, the pleasure of living alone. I can almost feel my feet hitting the ground if i was jogging in the morning in Global City where no dogs would come running after my shorts. Riding the bike encircling the buildings is a good activity too. hay ~

And look at this sweet photo of Serendra:

I passed there once and noted that the ceilings were bit too low, but I wouldn't mind that when I can take advantage of silence and the wi-fi internet. New restaurants also sprouted in the area.

If sleep does not tempt me today, I might visit the area and take my dream up a notch. Of course i won't buy a unit, i bet it's sold out already and i don't even have a buddha-fat bank account yet. Probably the trip there will inspire me to work and save harder so that someday, I can make my condo dreams come true :)