Monday, October 08, 2007

Traffic on a Monday

All the pictures and videos here are taken by me this morning.

Bumper to bumper, southbound and northbound

I do not know what i did to deserve the traffic this morning! By the time we went out from the village, the car was not moving for two hours. Imagine that, it's really unbelievable! Because we were stuck for almost two hours except for the car moving about 10 inches every 15 minutes, my bladder was almost exploding because i had to hold my pee for that long.

People marching towards the highway, getting out of their buses.

I got out of the car and joined the frustrated and angry commuters on their march. I was heading to Jollibee where there is a CR.

Small sized video of people marching

Someone told me that a bus flipped over and many were killed by the accident. I haven't seen the news but that is what everybody is saying. The traffic was terrible and impossible. I was very frustrated but someone told me to Never say Die so I continued on my journey to work. I arrived at 10 o'clock in the morning.