Saturday, October 20, 2007

F is for Friday and Fun

To celebrate the end of a great and fulfilling week, I scheduled a night out in Malate to eat and attend the Manila Tonight party. We took the LRT and how i missed Manila! I used to study and work in Taft Avenue and it's been 4 months since I last walked its streets.

Strolling in Pedro Gil, a new Robinson's Place Manila appeared in front of my eyes. The mall's structure is more classy, modern, and sophisticated than the old one. Does this mean more high end stores and restaurants? The structure definitely transforms the ambiance and look of Pedro Gil street in Manila.

After minutes of walking, we killed some time in an authentic Korean restaurant. Since koreanovelas, i've been curious as why they have plenty of dishes on their tables. Those small plates of appetizers and red hot pot soup are a mystery. Finally I experienced and tasted authentic Korean cooking. And here is my very own feast:

Then it's time to par-ty! The Manila Tonight event was being held nearby, in Skorski's bar. My companion had a couple of beers while we watched live bands and looked around the other members of Manila Tonight. Too bad though that we had to go back home early (i still don't own my dream flat). I heard the party lasted until 3am today.

wonderful shot inside the bar. laser lights!

quarrels aside, thank you to Azrael-san for the week-long treat.

yup that's me! until next friday! :) have a great weekend everyone.