Saturday, October 20, 2007

Music for Breakfast

It's time to clear our heads for the week ahead and listening to some music is one way to do so. Thanks to my colleague who played Third Eye Blind's How's it Gonna Be that I remembered how superb this band was.

Now I'm keeping myself busy downloading their songs to the Ipod. I was chatting with my sister last night, who's all the way in Australia. She told me about this band called Rogue Traders, a retro-pop band with a wicked female vocalist. Finding the mp3 is hard but here's a video of their song, Watching You.

This week I also caught Kylie Minogue singing his new single Two Hearts. I was agog when I saw the music video. At first I didn't know it was Kylie until the video details were shown in the end.

Keep the music playing people :)