Saturday, October 06, 2007

Susan Miller gives me the Answer

"With Mercury in retrograde, it won't be the right time to buy an electronic item, such as an HDTV, new DVD player, or computer. Browse, compare, but don't acquire your coveted item next month." - Susan Miller, October 2007 for Aquarius

Thank you very much. The highlight of my day was touching and test-carrying an Acer laptop inside the mall. I was ready to fish my atm card from my wallet to buy what sounds like a one-time limited offer (i still think it is) but i a got a hold of myself and simply walked away. Imagine, i visited all the computer shops in Cyber Zone Megamall after my dental appointment, walking off my anesthesia. All the while i felt like a kid in a candy store, my backpack was filled with price lists which i started to collect last week.

Good thing, i checked out Astrology Zone tonight, i do so every month. I was right not to buy a good handy laptop YET. I'll postponed it next month as Mercury is in retrograde this October. Anything can happen and I might even end up with a defective unit. :)

Thanks a bunch again Susan!