Sunday, November 04, 2007

The best time to buy a phone - not today

I just spent 1,500 pesos yesterday to have my broken Nokia 6101 fixed. The thought of buying a new phone kept tinkering with my head but I guess this is not a good time to buy a phone - yet.

With all the developments that are bound to happen somewhere near 2008, such as iPhone's firmwares/updates (one arrived already last September) which will make unlocked iPhones "brick" or not function properly, the best thing to do is wait and observe.

I was looking at technology blogs this morning and I was surprised to see a Google Phone! sounds very exciting except that after more research, I found out that Google isn't investing in a mobile phone. Haha! If it were true, then that's another good reason to wait.

awww.. no more Google Phone

Mobile phone prices are also going down constantly especially this coming Christmas, and iPhone is bound to dominate the holiday sales. Even if iPhone's are in Greenhills selling like pancakes, let's hope a local network can start collaborating with iPhone so we can use it legally.

If you're still itching to let go of some money, here's a good buy for now:
The Sony Ericsson Cybershot K790i (mall prices are at Php 11,000 ++)

It's a phone with a 3 mega pixel cybershot camera, mp3 player, and the usual phone features. For me, this is not bad at all. I have a laptop for internet and an incessant blogger like me needs a reliable camera phone. If my Nokia 6101 could not be fixed, I would have bought one of these ^^

Hay, you know you're a Filipino if you can't get enough of cellphones.