Tuesday, November 06, 2007

They are coming back from the Outback

Lately, I have been sleeping for just 5 hours and my body doesn't seem mind. Maybe, it's because of the regular stream of good working days and rest days which makes me hopeful for the future :)

One of my wishes came true too! I miss my sister who's in Australia very much and my reservoir of our memories together is about to run dry. I can feel it in my veins that i need to stick close to her soon, just so I can touch my gene and blood kindred. (she loves vampires) Last night I received an email from her with the subject 'Balikbayan' and yes! they are coming home this Christmas.

Finally, I can see my one and only favorite niece Anya and she can tell me her bedtime stories sans the webcam.

Birthday Cupcake

My mood is so bright and shiny and no monster can eat the bright and shiny away.