Friday, November 16, 2007

Internet Marketing Seminar

I am fresh from the Internet Marketing Seminar at the Philippine Trade Training Center (PPTC) and I must say that it was very helpful for both semi-IT professionals and especially to the SMEs who also attended. Internet Marketing is a very broad subject but the main point was there's no escaping the need to go online and have an SEO'd website. Google's consultant Aileen Apollo was there and she showed everyone how Google can help simplify internet marketing with their FREE tools. The latter part was focused on e-commerce and how having a shopping cart software in your website could facilitate more sales.

Most of the attendees were business owners and some don't know how to build a website yet, the speakers recommended Dreamweaver software which they say, would also help with SEO and i have yet to find out why :) Actually, there are many softwares available for business owners who would like to go online such as the Shopping Cart Software by Ashop and another software was mentioned by a speaker that can even trace the activities of the buyers and visitors.

Most business owners really don't have time to tweak HTMLs and SEO their own websites but relying on ecommerce software can be costly so I suggest you try them out first. Most offer 30 day trials so take advantage of them and experience before you buy :) BUT I suggest that as early as now, if you have free time, try to learn HTML, blogs, and SEO because these are the cheapest and most effective ways in internet marketing.