Thursday, November 15, 2007

Who is Smorty?

While visiting my favorite blogs and forums, I noticed that many were talking about and how it can be an extra source of money for bloggers, especially the stay at home moms. Out of curiosity, I tried signing up two days ago and found out that people can get paid for blogging by linking their posts to the advertiser's websites. It's blog advertising made simple and I recommend it to the not-so busy type of person. You'll need a paypal account which is already possible here in the Philippines. I remember the days when I am in between jobs and I would search for freelance writing jobs, now it's not that hard anymore and I hope someone will benefit from this information too :)

Maybe I can teach my little sister how she can make use of internet time wisely and make money at the same time. Tomorrow I will attend a seminar on Internet Marketing and I hope to learn more about these internet stuff and how I can possibly apply it at work. It's heaven sent, this seminar, even though it's not directly about writing or SEO it's useful for someone like me.

I'll try to share what I can pick up tomorrow but in the mean time, you folks can try Smorty and earn some extra money for Christmas while i go ahead and rest my brain for tomorrow. Good night!