Monday, November 19, 2007

Lovelife or Career?

Excuse the cheesy title but what else can i do to get your attention? :)

Without batting an eyelash, my answer to that is Career with a capital C! One really doesn't have to choose but the girls over at this forum i am active at, observe the same, that when your career is doing a bit well, your lovelife seems to get in the doldrums. Maybe the YinYang philosophy is really in effect. Just to share, I rarely see or even talk to my partner with 100% undivided attention and that leaves me more time studying and doing tiny weeny blog projects over at Pinay Money Maker.

On Saturday I shall attend a seminar in Podium called "Blogging for Money" which really cost me money (Php 1,500) but I expect I will learn a lot and knowledge is always priceless. I am not monetizing this blog but i'd like to experiment with Pinay Money Maker.

Lots of opportunities pouring down and last night, to get myself focused I practiced yoga with all the moolahbandahhh, warrior pose, and sun worship. I guess it not only opened my muscles but the doors of luck as well. :)


Chapter 6 said...

Work/life balance would be great IMHO.

suzaku_lace said...

yeah but i guess u cant have it all eh? im trying your productive people are happy people theory hahahaha

Natural said...

i'll take the love life over money any day, as long as the love life is a good, stable one.

frenzy said...

Life is complicated enough, so I guess good choice. Love will come handy later on!

suzaku_lace said...

thanks for all the clever comments!

@ natural - i guess your love life is fantastic and i am happy for you, mine is not bad either maybe unique is the word for it? haha :)


yes because sometimes it feels good to be in control :)