Thursday, November 22, 2007

Animahenasyon: Philippine Animation Festival

Do you want a manananggal (half-bodied monster) to become your bestfriend?

my brain was starting to log off at 9.30PM

It was my first time to attend the Animation Festival of ACPI (Animation Council of the Philippines) at Robinson's Galleria and I got to view some teaser trailers of the upcoming animated features last night. Dayo was one of the animations shown and it's the best animated film from the Philippines that I have ever seen. The story itself, where a young boy becomes friends with a manananggal, is very interesting, especially when the boy said "Huwag mo kong kakainin ha!" (Don't eat me okay?!). This movie is set to be shown on December 2008 and i hope it makes it to the cinemas.

free ice cream for tired kids at the opening night

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Advertisements aside, congratulations to all Pinoy animators and i hope we beat them all soon! :)


Chapter 6 said...

Free ice cream! Gosh, I haven't been able to eat ice cream for like ages now! I wish I can, with all this dieting and aw.