Friday, November 02, 2007

Saffron Sauce and Pinot Noir, anyone?

The movie No Reservations made my taste buds sweat. Starring sultry actress, Catherine-Zeta Jones, her character makes gourmet food more enticing. I can't help but compare the movie to Ratatouille where the plot also revolved around the kitchen, secret recipes, and magical ingredients. In No Reservations, Saffron Sauce was a star and the Pinot Noir from Adelaide, Australia was also mentioned. Saffron Sauce reminds me of the saffron here in the Philippines which is rather cheap and easy to find. It can be easily bought in markets and is known locally as "Kasubha". Buy lugaw or rice porridge in Manila and the vendors will generously sprinkle saffron on your dish.

Aaron Eckhart, who was excessively charming in the movie with his immaculately white apron, made me wish I had my own sous chef. Story wise, it's simple and realistic except for the shrink part. I suggest watching it with someone who has the gusto for fine dining and creativity in the kitchen. Passionate people will easily relate to Kate's scenes like how she almost kills customers who shoddily complain about her dishes and how she feared change.

I enjoyed the movie so much that it nudged me to cook dinner. A definite must-see for someone who has the ardor to experiment in the kitchen and taste-test life's surprising dishes.