Thursday, November 01, 2007

Home Alone Tomorrow

Tomorrow, i'll be all by myself at home, for a whole day. It's my first time to be alone in the house, so much for my wish of having my own planet. I better get used to it because of all the trouble there is, which i am covering up with new hopes and dreams.

I remember the movie Home Alone, and here is my plan tomorrow:

1. Wake up really early to guard my house
2. Play loud music so the thieves would think i am having a party and many people are inside.
3. I will sing karaoke the whole day, i bet my voice will turn them off
4. I will keep the gates locked, the doors, and the windows.
5. I will pray hard that Tamahome will appear on my doorstep to keep me company
6. I will practice yoga in the living room
7. I will post "do not press" on the doorbell
8. I will just throw pieces of bread to my dogs. I don't like feeding them because they scratch my legs.
9. I will feed my cats whiskas instead of fish and rice
10. I will not sleep in the afternoon
11. Should i go as far as making human figures out of cartons???

Wish me luck, i'll treat this experience as Being Alone 101. I should sing Celine Dion's All by Myself. I also cooked lots of spaghetti awhile ago so I have myself covered in terms of food for tomorrow :)