Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Internet creates more Jobs

Hello cyber bugs, I'm in a good mood today because I escaped traffic. My mom and I were watching Channel News Asia's technology segment and wow, there are lots of tech and gaming events happening in Asia. I talked to my mom of how the internet is creating jobs, like gaming companies hiring programmers and growing IT businesses.

I for one will not have an enjoyable, dream come true job if not for the internet and websites! During lunch, my friend and I wondered why some people go to manpower agencies when there are lots of internet job postings everywhere.

And here's one:

Wanted: 1 more Copywriter/Blogger

Requirements: Loves to write (really), loves to learn, team player, good english speaking skills

How: send your resume, blog url, sample writing (if available) to

Job Location: Ortigas

Employment Terms: Regular, 8am to 5pm, must go to work everyday.

I hope to get your resumes by tomorrow morning! I'll be online the rest of tonight too so if you have questions just throw me an email. I am still absorbing more news from cable tv, watching channel news asia makes me want to go back to Singapore, people there look like IT geniuses :)


Chapter 6 said...

I'd apply for that job if I wasn't studying!

Suzaku Lace said...

yah and we can be officemates and you can treat me to starbucks at 5pm! hahaha