Monday, December 10, 2007

Things to Buy at the World Bazaar

It's 10pm and I just survived terrible traffic! While the buses and cars were bumper to bumper, i said to myself, instead of cursing the traffic, why don't i just think of happy thoughts? And my happy thought is the World Bazaar, it's heaven on earth with all the bargains and endless choices and it's only until December 16.

I made a list of things you and I should buy when we go there (again):

1. Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll lunch boxes - lots of stalls selling these cute and inspiring items. I just used my new hello kitty lunch box today at work and hello kitty instantly brightened my day pink.

2. Laptop Skins - dress up your laptop with your favorite movie, cartoon character, or choose an animal print. Laptop skins are easy to apply, I bought hello kitty laptop skin which is color blue. Azrael has a transformer laptop skin in black. I suggest you go for black because my laptop now looks like a gradeschooler's laptop!

3. Laptop Vacuum Cleaner - only P150 and you can plug it in the usb drive for power. It will suck up all those laptop cyber dust and it even comes with a brush!

4. Safety Weapons - stun guns, hunting lights , and spy cams are available too! I already have a stun gun so I just looked at the new designs and they are all fantastic. They look like Lara Croft stuff and if you wear these weapons on a vest you'll feel like Tomb Raider.

If you want to look at high-tech looking hunting lights, visit and look out for the remote control stuff in their website. :)

5. Glowing Shirts and Vintage Shirts - mostly for men, there are Transformers shirts, Tamagotchi printed shirt that glows (like a real tamagotchi), and Bazooka Bubble Gum shirts!

I can't wait to go back and see what other cool items are there to be discovered :)

Goodnight everybody! ^^