Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pinoy Bloggers use Entrecard

Entrecard is creating a storm with bloggers. I just joined yesterday, thanks to Marghil's blog where I read about it. This morning, I was surprised with the number of cards in my entrecard inbox and also, the number of advertisers who want their entrecards displayed on my blog. It's one addicting task to click on other's entrecard widgets to drop your own card.

Now Iknow who visits my blog whenever visitors drop their Entrecards for me. I'm all in for Entrecards so I guess it's time for everyone to get one. You can drop your entrecard at the left side of my blog.

And as usual, Pinoy bloggers are never late to see a big one coming, and look! Pinoy Bloggero already listed pinoy entrecard blogs , if you want to be added on the list, just leave a comment on his blog.

Entrecard aside, I'm preparing templates for my blog to use. 3 columns are preferred now because of the increasing number of widgets just like Entrecard. To edit my banner and some template elements, I would also need to download and try GIMP which a lot of users find easy and effective to use. Will tell you all about it after trial and error :)

Thanks for reading!