Sunday, December 09, 2007

World Bazaar Festival - Clothes, Childrens Bedding, and Cinnamoroll!

The Manila World Trade Center was in its full people capacity yesterday, I could hardly glance at the stuff for sale with the heavy crowd pushing straight forward. Whew! But i still managed to burn 1,000 pesos amidst chaos.

Lots of stuff to buy so save your energy and eat carbohydrates before tripping to this bazaar. You'll see affordable but great quality shirts, Childrens Bedding, stuff toys, food, laptop accessories, shoes, and bags.

The last photo is from Vision Bedding that sells unique bedsheets online. I love the design! I wish i found something like it during the bazaar. To the right is a 100 peso blanket/bed cover that you can find in the bazaar, what a nice deal!

My "save the earth" bag was filled heavy with different goodies and i was surprised to see something i've been looking for:


Someone promised to give me Cinnamoroll but in the end couldn't, so I got my supermom to buy it for me. Cinnamoroll is original from Japan and is only P1,200, thank you Mama!

Now i feel like i have everything :)